Artists – Why sign-up?

What can I do in the Go To Hear music platform?

Once you’ve registered and logged in you will be able to:

  • update your artist bio, add images etc.
  • add links to your other online assets:
  • website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feed etc.
  • upload music & track art
  • create playlists
  • write and publish articles
  • promote anything on the platform
  • listen to music
  • read articles
  • this is just the start, many more features will be added

Hang on – rewind a bit… what is Go To Hear?

Go To Hear is a truly unique platform, designed to join together people who are great at CREATING content (tracks, playlists, articles, reviews, etc.) with people who are amazing at PROMOTING content. Watch our video…


How do I earn more on Go To Hear?

  • You upload/create content (tracks, playlists, articles, reviews, artist page etc) on the platform.
  • Using our built in Promote buttons, members are incentivised to promote special links to your content.
  • Non-members who follow these links to the platform are then associated to your account.
  • When these associated-members sign up and become a paying-member – the income generated from their membership fee and some other transactions is shared between you and the person who promoted your content.
  • You will both receive income for as long as they are a paying member.

You create, members share, you both get paid –
and that’s unique

With Go To Hear creators are protected.

  • Only signed up members can see all the content on the platform.
  • Promote links give access to a single piece of content only, to encourage non-members to sign up.
  • It is not possible for ‘promoters/fans’ to promote URLs to your music/content and cut you out of the reward equation.

We want fair play for music, where those who do the work get the rewards. If you want that too…then sign up and start using the Go To Hear platform.

Sign up now for instant access. It’s FREE!

Still not convinced?

Take a look at all the information on our Promo website