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Fair play for music

A sustainable music ecosystem/community with an ethical, equitable, payment model.

Artists - get promoted, connect with a fan army, earn and much more...
Industry/Promoters - support artists, promote great music, earn and much more...
Listeners/Fans – discover great music, support a better way for artists and much more...

What's the latest buzz on Go To Hear?

Who is Go To Hear for?

It’s for Artists

Go To Hear offers artists and musicians an alternative to the ‘pay per play’
streaming model. It:

  • provides an easy way to connect directly with your fans
  • provides an easy way to monetise your fan base
  • provides a sophisticated and generous affiliate rewards programme
  • offers the ability to earn from sales and other revenue streams
  • delivers innovative new ways to promote and sell your music
  • pays the best rewards of any platform currently available

Are you an artist?

It’s also for Fans/Listeners

Go To Hear offers fans and listeners an exceptional music platform to connect with artists and listen to great new music with no annoying instream ads. It:

  • provides resources to review musicians, tracks and gigs
  • provides tools to create playlists to promote and share
  • provides tools to blog and promote your favourite tracks
  • provides tools to become a promoter
  • provides a fanzine portal to get close to artists
  • provides affiliate rewards for platform sign-ups

Are you a fan?

And for Promoters

Go To Hear offers promoters a wide range of tools and help with promoting to make it easier to earn. It:

  • provides an easy way to connect with both artists and fans
  • provides tools to help monetise your promotional skills
  • provides help to increase a fan base and reach a wider audience
  • provides an easy to use ‘intelligent system’ for music promotion
  • provides artists with access to your profile to contract your promotional services
  • provides generous affiliate rewards

Are you a promoter?


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